This blog is where I’m posting my travel photos and thoughts to learn, teach, inspire and be inspired.

I started proper photography as a hobby in January 2010, after my little point and shoot went bananas and I got fed up with it. After much research I got a couple of DSLRs (to learn on – one day I might progress to a larger format) and a new world was opened up to me!

On a whim I decided to sell all my baggage to start travelling the world taking photos. You only live once, right?


2 Responses to About

  1. Lindsay Kyle says:

    Hi James
    I am enviouse of you having the opportunity to travel the world and take photo’s, what make of DSLR do you have I have Canon’s 7D and just sold 50D and have ordered 60D as I hope to get a lot more photo’s this year. I applied and got my LRPS this year Licentiate of Royal Photographic Society.

    PS you may wonder who I am, it was your mum who put me onto this link as she is one of my Australian cousins, my Dad is your Uncle Jim in Scotland.

    Keep up the good work and hope to see more images of your travels.

    • Hi Lindsay, how are you going? Yes I remember meeting you a few years ago when you were in Oz and also remember Uncle Jim of course. Congratulations on the LRPS, I had a look at your pictures and they look great. If its ok with you, I’d like to put a link on my blog to your site. I use a 5D2. Thanks for the encouragement, early days yet but I’m having a great time learning. Travel photography must run in the family! See you on the trail one day maybe. Cheers, James.

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