French colonial Hanoi

I’m getting out of my travel order again here, but I was in Hanoi recently and was looking around the fantastic French colonial buildings. I thought: how can I capture this beauty as it must have been, before time and decay took their toll? When the beautiful Hanoi was the Paris of the East? But of course I must shoot a beautiful French woman there! (il est évident!) So my first model shoot ensued, and since it was a lot of fun I hope to do more model shoots in the near future. Here is a sample, and you can see some more results at my photo work blog.

Evening drama


About James Williams

I am writing this blog to help people put the media in perspective; to think and stand up for ourselves. No one else is going to!
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2 Responses to French colonial Hanoi

  1. Emma says:

    Very nice – but when are you Goa-ing to show us India? It has been 3 weeks…

    • Haha, its been longer than that! I still have Sabah, Thailand, and Vietnam to show you before India. After almost 6 months travelling I’ve got my feet up for a rest on the SW Indian coast to perhaps catch up on the blog and primarily to plan and execute diversification and development of fiscally rewarding pro-capitalist internet-based activities of professional photographic commission and corporate co-ownership investment instrument natures. (Ie. trying to work out how to get hired as a commercial photographer and also doing some share trading). The main problem I’m facing is the excruciatingly slow GPRS internet…

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