Sarawak Cultural Village part 2 – The Performers

No village is complete without its villagers… and the villagers at the Sarawak Cultural Village work hard to bring the tribal past to life. Not only do they perform the daily tasks of the village and talk to travellers about their culture, but they do two international-class 45min performances a day to show the dozen or so traditional dances, music and costumes to their fascinated audience. Again, these shots are unfortunnately not for sale unless permission is granted by the village management some time in the future. Even though I can’t sell them it was great low-light event photography practice and portfolio material… not to mention it was a fantastic experience!

Iban dancing woman

Iban woman dancing

Dancing around the wooden poles


Hornbill feather traditional dance

Mean-looking tribal warrior dance

Old Chinese immigrant dance

Young Malay bride

Malay wedding dance

Malay sweethearts

Making rice cookies

Jumping between poles (a bit like 'elastics')

Traditional top spinning (after dancing with it, he put it down to keep spinning!)

Playing the mellow Sape


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