Sarawak Cultural Village part 1 – inanimates

Near Kuching, the Sarawak Cultural Village is a great place to learn about the tribes of Sarawak. Once a real village, it has been converted into a mixed village comprising one house from each of the major tribes of Sarawak. You can talk to the people in the houses doing traditional everyday activities such as making Sago flour and rice cookies, husking rice, playing the Sape, tossing spinning tops, jumping in between poles, making and shooting blowdarts and generally having a good time like they used to (in the good old days). Shaman paraphenalia and headhunter skulls were just the icing on the cake! Unfortunately none of these prints are available for sale yet, as I’m still trying to get permission to sell them (it’s private land, so permission is needed). I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Shamanistic drawing

Traditional Malay house

The power of the shaman

Skeletal Shaman

Shaman masks and carved dolls

Painted tribal mask

Tribal Mask

Traditional house with no nails

Headhunter's skull

shell decorations on a basket

Longhouse stilt tribal paintings

Traditional bridge across the stream

Mountains behind the old village


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I am writing this blog to help people put the media in perspective; to think and stand up for ourselves. No one else is going to!
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2 Responses to Sarawak Cultural Village part 1 – inanimates

  1. Elizabeth Kyle says:

    “Traditional house with no nails” is beautiful, but I need a landscape-shaped large photo of something specifically Asian (bridge, locals, greenery, animals) to put on a large wall. Colours I prefer would be greys, green, a bit of pink…I look forward to seeing lots more. Keep safe.

    • You’re right, there aren’t many exactly like that in my collection yet. The closest I can see is “Tortoise Landing Platform” from Taiping, but it doesn’t call out “Asia” unless you know about rain trees and is also similar in content to the huge print bought by Cathy. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a distinctly asian shot in earthy colours with a dash of pink for you!

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