Kuching Dreaming

Capital of the largest state in Malaysia (Sarawak), Kuching is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a distinctly Borneo flavour and is known as the ‘Cat City’. Along the Sarawak river, sampans compete with old fishing trawlers for space and the sleek river cruise boats await the coming of night on the opposite shore to the old Kampungs with their wooden stilt houses. The white Rajahs’ hard-working and rusty dockyard contrasts with the polished gold of the mosque and the giant copper mushroom that is the state legislative assembly. From the fancy new European-style esplanade, the big mushroom and the astana seem very fine; yet from the carpenter’s lane where the poor old tinsmiths hammer away in their sheds it becomes more grandiose than grand. Despite some differences such as not having any Indian-Malaysians but having the fascinating and friendly indigenous tribes, Malaysian Borneo does share a high level of inequality with its Peninsular counterpart.

Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak Baru, Borneo, carpenters' lane, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, ruled, rulers, Sarawak, state legislative assembly

State legislative assembly from carpenters' lane, Kuching


black and white, Borneo, decoration, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, Sarawak, Swirly, white ball

Swirly white ball decoration, Kuching

anemone, Borneo, chinese gates, Kuching, Lights, malaysia, Malaysian, night, Sarawak

Light anemone in front of the chinese gates, Kuching

boat, Borneo, cowboy, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, portrait, sampan, Sarawak, sarawak river

Cowboy in a sampan, Sarawak River

Borneo, canoe, kampung, kampungs, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, sampan porthole, Sarawak, sarawak river, village, waterside

Kampungs and canoe from a sampan, Sarawak river, Kuching

aft, boats, Borneo, colorful, colourful paint, fishing trawlers, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, prows, rows, rusty, Sarawak, sarawak river

Row of Proud Prows, Sarawak River, Kuching

boat, Borneo, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, roudhouse, sampan, Sarawak, sarawak river, skyscrapers

Roundhouse and skyscrapers in Kuching

Borneo, ferryman, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, oared boat, porthole, river., sampan, Sarawak, sarawak river

Old sampan boat and oarsman, Sarawak river, Kuching

Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak Baru, boat, Borneo, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, sampan, Sarawak, sarawak river, state legislative assembly

Old-time sampan and state legislative assembly, Sarawak river, Kuching

Borneo, designs, esplanade, foreshore, green, Kuching, malaysia, Malaysian, pavement, promenade, Riverside, Sarawak, sarawak river, trees, water

Riverside trees and pavement designs, Kuching


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One Response to Kuching Dreaming

  1. Cathy says:

    beautiful photos-both colour and b&w-1 or 2 look like old etchings-really like the commentary, too

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