Palau Penang Ahoy

Cosmopolitan Penang Island – happy-go-lucky mix of India, China, Malaysia, and every other country in the world to varying degrees. The beaches and shopping grounds are the playground of the young well off Malaysians, while most of the tourists generally prefered to roll their sleeves up and take their chances getting left by the rickety old bus around the relatively un-inhabited western side of the island to see the world-class butterfly farm and tropical fruit farms. Then there is Georgetown and the vibrant little India, a little colonial british architecture, and the busy night life. Finding a little fishing village wedged like their determined oysters between the city centre and the tourist beaches I marvelled at their self-sufficiency and peaceful lifestyle. There was also the old decrepid houses here as there are in every town. Why, I don’t know – but they make for interesting photos so I’m not complaining!

black and white., Butterfly, butterfly park, flying, Georgetown, helicopter, hovering, landing, Malaysia., mating display, mid-air, Penang Island
“Lower landing gear”…”copy that”…
boats, fish, fishing, Georgetown, islands., Malaysia., ocean, Penang Island, sea, sky
Fishermen as far as the eye can see
Butterfly, butterfly meeting, butterfly park, communicating, facing each other., Georgetown, Malaysia., Penang Island
“So… seen any good flowers lately?”
Georgetown, haunted house, house with no walls or roof., Malaysia., old house, Penang Island, ready for demolition, trees on house
Would be a haunted house, but even ghosts like a roof!
Butterfly, butterfly park, flowerful butterness, flowers, Georgetown, Malaysia., multi-color wings, Penang Island, pink
Multi-colour butterfly on pink flowers
boats, cruise ship, dawn., fishing boats, fishing village, Georgetown, Malaysia., Penang Island, Sunrise
“Call that a boat? This is a boat…”
Butterfly, butterfly park, curry plant, Georgetown, Malaysia., matching decor, Penang Island, pink and orange wings.
Butterfly with matching decor
boats, fishermen, Georgetown, high-rise towers, locals, Malaysia., Penang Island, rocks, sand, Sun, swimming, water
Rocks and locals soaking up the sun.
Butterfly, butterfly park, Georgetown, Malaysia., mimicry., orange butterfly with eye patterns, Penang Island, red flower
He loves me, he loves me not… Eek!
decrepit, Georgetown, home, Jungle, Malaysia., old house, Penang Island, run down., trees in house
A home in the jungle? Or a jungle in the home??
big black and white butterfly, Butterfly, butterfly park, Georgetown, holding an egg, Malaysia., Penang Island
This was one big flutterby!
boats, bounty, fishermen, fishing nets., Georgetown, island, Malaysia., ocean, Penang Island, sea, sharing
“Hey, that’s my net.” “Ok, but I get the island!”
amazing pattern, Butterfly, butterfly park, Georgetown, Malaysia., Penang Island, Translucent orange wings, understatement
Translucent orange understatement
Butterfly, butterfly park, eat and grow, fancy dress, Georgetown, horny caterpillar, Malaysia., party animal, Penang Island
Eat and grow… and party!
Butterfly, butterfly park, failed camouflage, Georgetown, green foliage., hiding, Malaysia., orange and black, Penang Island
“Shh… I’m hiding”
butterworth, dawn, fishermens village., Georgetown, Malaysia., penang beach, Penang Island, Sunrise
Dawn from Penang Island



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One Response to Palau Penang Ahoy

  1. cathy says:

    Excellent photographs deserving of your professional status: my first order included a giant print of trees and it is stunning. Keep up the fine work!

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