Journey to Ipoh (or was it Hades?)

The misty lake known as Gunung Lang in Ipoh is tucked around the corner of a huge limestone hill. On the other side there is a major road and suburbs and cave temples built into the side of the hill. On this Gunung Lang side there is the tranquil lake and more limestone formations, beyond which is just palm plantations and jungle at the foothills of the Cameron Highlands. The lake is a very serene place, and when I was there, a very wet place. Early in the morning the mist was still there and the rain gave the water a surreal soft glow.

Gunung Lang, ipoh, lake, limestone, malaysia, perak., rain-spattered, Shimmering
Shimmering, rain-spattered limestone-lined lake, Gunung Lang

The boats were there to ferry people across, but the boaties were happy eating and playing cards under the shelter so it seemed a shame to disrupt them. Looking at the other-worldly, misty lake with the sheer shores and the boats waiting I was reminded of the tragic tale of Orpheus and his journey to Hades. But luckily the ferryman wasn’t yet come for me, so it was on to Taiping and the next tale in the saga…

boat, greco-roman mythology, Gunung Lang, hades, Malaysia, misty underworld, Mythical ferry, orpheus
Mythical ferry to the misty underworld, Gunung Lang.



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