High tea in the Cameron Highlands

The beautiful Cameron Highlands are where much of Malaysia’s tea and vegetables are grown.  The climate is cooler than the lowlands and so ‘rare’ cold climate veggies like cabbages and carrots can be cultivated, as well as strawberries that yield year-round.  Needless to say there is a lot of Colonial British pomp influence here –  after all, it was the prime place to be posted in Malaya in the BAC years (Before Air Con), and it is a very popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, with all the progress in the last 50 years the climate is now a lot warmer – 10 degree nights instead of 3 degree – and the animals like panthers and monkeys are gone. The birds are also lowland birds now, rather than highland-specific birds, and only 3 of the original 20 water sources are drinkable due to the pesticides.

The worst jobs such as picking tea leaves are now done by Bangladeshi migrants (used to be Indians under the British), unlike in advanced western countries where we now reserve the worst jobs for our teenagers. After spending the afternoon trekking up the steep muddy slopes of the tea plantation in the rain I think I’d rather work a deep fryer at maccas than get paid 20 sen (about 7 cents) per kilo of tea leaves picked. Tea pickers of the world – I salute you!

cameron highlands, forest, light, malaysia, river, streaming

Light streaming into river streaming into forest, Cameron Highlands

cameron highlands, malaysia, Rivers of tea leaves, streaming down, town

Rivers of tea leaves streaming down to town, Cameron Highlands.

cameron highlands, malaysia, river, Robinsons' Waterfall, stream., Waterfall, whirlpool

Waterfall whirlpool, Robinsons' Waterfall, Cameron Highlands

cameron highlands, Malaysia., plantation, Tea Maze

"If we keep turning left we'll get out eventually"

cameron highlands, malaysia, Parit Waterfall, River rock

River rock and Parit Waterfall, Cameron Highlands

boss, cameron highlands, hill, malaysia, tea plantation., town, waterslide, workers

When the boss went to town the workes set up a waterslide down the hill.

cameron highlands, malaysia, night, river, Robinsons' Waterfall, stream, Waterfall

Robinson's waterfall even runs at night (24 jam).

cameron highlands, Malaysia., tea-based biofuel, transport, wheels

"OK great. Now we just need to find some wheels and some tea-based biofuel". Transport from Cameron Highlands.

cameron highlands, malaysia, Parit Waterfall, Rainforest

Rainforest and Parit Waterfall, Cameron Highlands

cameron highlands, Malaysia., plantation., plates, tea, tectonic, terrace, Terrific, topography

Terrific tectonic tea terrace topography, Cameron Highlands


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