Sojourn to Genting Highlands

After leaving Melaka it was on (and up 2000m) to the Genting Highlands. This was a strange place of rain and fog high in jungle covered mountains crowned with a surreal under-cover labyrinth of expensive hotels, noisy theme-parks and Malaysia’s only casino. Needless to say we professional travel photographers were only there for the scenery and therefore didn’t lose too much at the casino 😉

Above the jungle and clouds, dawn, downy, dreamy, Genting Highlands, high altitude morning., malaysia
Dawn above the jungle and clouds, Genting Highlands.
Fog, Genting Highlands, Greenery, malaysia, tree ferns.
Greenery in the Fog, Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands, Malaysia, Working above the clouds
Working above the clouds, Genting Highlands

Getting to and from Genting is via the Skyway cable car – a very long, fast ride, high over thick jungle, with mountain views. Soaring over the trees with Siamang gibbons (worlds largest) swinging underneath as their calls echoed out in the mountains on a misty morning was unreal.


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