Melaka it a lot!

Melaka (formerly known as Malacca), was in the 1400s to 1800s what Singapore is today for international trade. Arabian, Indian, Chinese, Javanese and of course European traders came, and from the Malacca Straits into the mouth of the Melaka River poured the wealth of the world. Whether under the rule of the Malaysian Sultans or colonised by the Portugese, Dutch or English – they came by the droves. At its peak 2000 ships were in port and it was said that whoever ruled in Malacca had their heel on the throat of Venice. Now its glory days are past, but Melaka will always have an old-world buccaneering charm and its new status as a World Heritage site guarantees it a fresh wave of travellers keen to taste the unique local fare pieced together over the centuries from the cuisines of the world. Highlights of the delicious baba nyonya fare include durian cendol, chicken rice balls, pineapple tarts and the Cherish Malacca cocktail.

clock tower, Dutch square, fairylights, flowers, Malacca, malaysia, Melaka, Stadthuys, Trishaws
Trishaws with colourful fairylights in Dutch square, Melaka.


crowsnest, Malacca, malaysia, mast, Melaka, Portugese, rigging, trading ship
Perilous crowsnest and rigging on Portugese trading ship


chinatown, doorway, Malacca, malaysia, Melaka, ruins
Foreboding ruins in Melaka chinatown
Bicycle outside Kampung Kling Mosque, Malacca, malaysia, Melaka, world heritage site
Lonely bicycle outside Kampung Kling Mosque, Melaka
bike, chinatown, dog, lanterns, Malacca, malaysia, Melaka, motorbike, Old faithfuls, red doors, waiting for master
Old companions waiting for master, Melaka Chinatown.
chinatown, dark alley, light, Malacca, malaysia, Melaka, streaming, wooden roof
The light streaming into darkness, Melaka Chinatown.
horizon., island, jetty, Malacca Strait, malaysia, Man, Melaka
Man looking whistfully past jetty and island to Malacca Strait.
Malacca, malaysia, Melaka river, Serene riverside reflections
Serene riverside reflections, Melaka river

Also, sorry for the break in transmission recently. I’ve been on the road firstly to Melaka and now to Genting Highlands, and have been working on a new website for displaying galleries (and selling prints) which I’ll be launching in a few days. Stay tuned…


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