Batu Caves

The iconic Batu Caves just outside of KL contain Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Murugan.

 imestone cave shaft, kuala lumpur, malaysa where the annual thaipusan festival is held.
Batu Caves hindu temple

At the base of the limestone mountain is the worlds’ largest statue of Lord Murugan  (painted brilliant gold). The caves are the site of the annual festival of Thaipusam, in which a million pilgrims (and tourists) come to watch the die-hard fanatics get skewered and race each other up the mountain. Unfortunately I didn’t get to be skewered as the festival is at the end of January.

lord murugan, indian religion, rainbow coloured devotion.
Colourful hindu shrine in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Once you ascend the many steps up into the covered part of cave, you find there are many colourful shrines and temples in the caves. There are daily offerings in the main temple with guys playing cool music that sounds like Indian free-form jazz. Past the main temple, there is another temple higher up that is in an open shaft (see first pic of post).

Limestone cave, vegetation, stream, fiery depths
Light, water and plants streaming into Batu Caves, KL, Malaysia

Here light, water and plants stream down the patterned limestone walls into (what appears to be) the fiery depths on the right. In fact, the orange glow is just temple light reflection. Back down the steps and outside there are other shrines, some involving holy cows and simple offerings such as flowers.

Holy cow statue and Hindu shrine, Batu Caves, KL, Malaysia. Red flowers.
Holy cow statue and Hindu shrine, Batu Caves, KL, Malaysia.

Despite being a big tourist destination the batu caves are free to visit and the nearby vegetarian indian restaurants are delicious and cheap. There is also a thriving local coconut plantation, so coconuts are very fresh and cheap too. Great on a hot day after climbing all those steps!


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