Colourful Kuala

The beautiful contemporary muslim architecture oozes presence in amongst the ordinary glass and steel skyscrapers. They tower over it, yet their designs seem for the most part ordinary and uninspired in comparison to the new muslim style.

Kompleks Dayabumi (Dayabumi Complex), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kompleks Dayabumi (Dayabumi Complex), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The contrast between the rich and the poor is very apparent in this vibrant and colourful city. There is something very disturbing about seeing gleaming new skyscrapers above and expensive cars drive past while you are navigating around beggars and broken sidewalks. The various unsavoury smells hanging in the air aren’t the only thing about it that stinks!

Menara Kuala Lumpur and other high rises.


KL from the riverside.



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2 Responses to Colourful Kuala

  1. Emma says:

    Very nice photos – are we going to see any of the intrepid explorers? Lizzie liked the tiger best. Have a merry Christmas adventurers.

    • Thanks. No, unfortunately there was a pay dispute with the models so we can’t show the photos of the intrepid explorers until its sorted out… The monkeys will be hurt that the tiger got 1st prize! Merry Christmas to all of you too 🙂

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