Bye bye Singapore

As we waited to take the train to Malaysia there was money to spend and time to kill. Both requirements were more than met at the iconic Skypark hotel. Finally, somewhere where you can sip a Singapore Sling, browse for some dimonds, have your feet nibbled by Turkish fish and pick up an original Dali*. If you can get that far before the luxury-nausea sets in.

Art-Science Museum, Lotus shaped, Marina Bay Sands, night lights, reflections, Singapore, Skypark Hotel

Art-Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Christmas bauble


Marketing distortions

* Happiness not included (as Alain de Botton would say)


About James Williams

I am writing this blog to help people put the media in perspective; to think and stand up for ourselves. No one else is going to!
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2 Responses to Bye bye Singapore

  1. Fiona says:

    I loved looking at your photographs James. My favourite was the Hinu Shrine – the colours are amazing and remind me of India.
    It is good to see your travels through your blog – thanks for sharing.
    Much love.

    • Hi Fiona, thanks! I agree the colours on their temples and shrines are amazing – they had even decorated an entire cave (The Ramayana Cave) with brightly coloured paint and statues to depict the story of Rama in a chronicle. Any plans to return to India sometime? We’ll be going there some time this year, or maybe next year depending on which way the wind is blowing 🙂

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