zoo take two

You may be wondering if Singapore zoo has more on offer than just primates, so here are some other kinds of animals we found there.

The male white tiger was restless and hot, so what better way to relax than take a cool bath? Everyone at the tiger enclosure wanted a cool dip too, just not with the tiger thanks! In the full size photo you can see it is actually a still from an Iron Chef episode where they’re making white tiger hair soup, an ancient singapore zoo dish.

bath, bathing, eyes closed, hair, shaking, Singapore zoo, spray, swimming, water, White Tiger Soup

White Tiger Soup, Singapore zoo


The Jaguar was keen to stay in the shadows most of the time, but ventured out for a closer look if it caught sight of a tasty looking tourist through the leaves. Note to tourists: when you see something looking at you like that you don’t need to worry. Not about her. Its the other two jaguars coming in at the sides that will get you. Clever girl.

hunting, Intent jaguar, Singapore zoo, stalking

Intent jaguar, Singapore zoo


The horned malaysian frog is easily missed. It is superbly camouflaged to match leaf litter in colour and shape. Luckily I was fully trained in ‘Where’s Wally’ books as a child, so he was no problem to find. No such luck with his little striped hat though, no matter how long I looked for it. Must have left it in malaysia?

camouflage, Horny frog, leaf-like., Malaysian Horned Frog, Singapore zoo

Malaysian Horned Frog, Singapore zoo



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I am writing this blog to help people put the media in perspective; to think and stand up for ourselves. No one else is going to!
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One Response to zoo take two

  1. Catherine Kyle says:

    I deduce Jurassic Park had a profound effect on you as a child. Don’t know about Iron Chef, though. Beautiful animal photographs, and I like the commentary.

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