Jungle Jim

Singapore (‘Spore’ for those in the know) is full of surprises… monks one day, monkeys the next. Singapore zoo has many species from many animal kingdoms, but specialises in primates. Or to be more precise, it specialises in primates with attitude! The humidity is higher in the jungle, but it is worth the discomfort for the animals and the scenery.

SLR-toting tourists can relax – you feel out of place here without at least one camera in each hand. This first little monkey is about the size of a human fist and of course I would adopt one if it didn’t mean parting with a lens to find space in my travel bags for it.

Cotton-Top Tamarin, monkey, Singapore zoo.

Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey, Singapore zoo.


Baboon, glare, portrait, Singapore zoo, stare

Baboon glare, Singapore zoo


black and white banded ringed tail, orange eyes, Ring-Tailed Lemur, Singapore zoo, sticking tongue out

Ring-Tailed Lemur, Singapore zoo


boat ride, brown water, ferns, Misty jungle lake, Singapore zoo, tree reflections, vines

Misty jungle lake, Singapore zoo



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