The other side of chinatown

Chinatown. Every city has a chinatown – few are as authentic as that found in singapore. That three quarters of the population are of chinese origin indicates they should know how to do it right. And yes, they sure do.

Chinatown, Singapore


Get off the beaten track and wander down some back streets and you soon realise that the single most important invention for modern Singapore was not ships, planes or KTV bars, but air conditioning.

Airconditional love


Fort Canning, hilltop, lamp post, Singapore, Sweeping tree, tranquil path

Sweeping tree, tranquil path. Fort Canning, Singapore.

As always there is a cool green oasis to be found nearby, even in the heart of the city. After the hustle and bustle of chinatown, a wander up the nearby winding tree-lined paths leads to tranquility in more ways than one when a buddhist monk strikes up a conversation on the way. Buddhism is the largest religion on the island, with around 40% of the resident population.


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