Post-monsoon afternoon

There is a certain indescribable feeling after the monsoon rains in Singapore (and no doubt anywhere monsoon rains rain). The steamy atmosphere prompts a strange mix of action and contemplation.

In between cheerfully knocking off from work and heading home or out to the karaoke bars, the workers seem to reflect on the deluge that signals the passing of the day and the coming of the night. There is the physical relief from the heat, but there is also comfort in the regularity of the rains and the abundance of water and food it provides.

The idea of being separate from nature that seems common in western cities is here washed away every afternoon by the passing of the monsoon. Rather than take it for granted the people pause to reflect and give thanks.

afternoon, bay, beach, ocean, palm-tree, port, Post-monsoon, ships, Singapore, umbrella.

Post-monsoon beach, Singapore

Forest sweeping, Post-monsoon, Singapore, trees

Forest sweeping after the Monsoon, Singapore



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  1. sandra robinson says:

    Love it James, good enough to frame and hang.

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