Its life, Jim, but not as we know it

Arriving at dawn in Changi airport, Singapore, the sights and sounds of an alien land greeted us. Navigating the maze of polished steel and glass and hurtling down the highways lined with exotic and lush vegetation, the surreal dream took a turn into china town as we alighted near our home for the coming week.

Wandering the back streets of Joo Chiat Road, sampling strange and mysterious dishes and mingling with the vibrant locals (a very peaceful mish-mash of chinese, malaysian, indian and others) the clinging atmosphere of incence and sweat was neatly refreshed by the afternoon’s monsoonal downpour. The close and charmingly delapidated streets got closer as the eaves overhanging the shopfronts became the highways for the vibrant throngs wending their way through the wares of jolly shopkeepers.

Dusk and patrolling fighter jets signalled the end of the day, yet the city that seems to ooze life had only just begun to celebrate as those shopfronts which had been closed all day transformed into quaint little pubs resplendent in all their neon glory.

Sakura impressions

Must be just another Monday on the tiger isle.


About James Williams

I am writing this blog to help people put the media in perspective; to think and stand up for ourselves. No one else is going to!
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2 Responses to Its life, Jim, but not as we know it

  1. cathy says:

    love the style…almost hard-boiled with a dash of lyrical…especially liked the monk and the photos

  2. Maggie Kyle says:

    beautiful photos James and great word descriptions as well. You’ve made me remember the humidity and heat of Singapore – and the beautiful green and the amazing animals. Thank you!

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